Basic Arabic Grammar

Basic Arabic Grammar


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Basic Arabic Grammar Course

Javeria Quran Academy offering the best basic Arabic Grammar Course Online at affordable price. We have experienced team of Quran Tutors..

The sub-science of classical Arabic known as نحو – generally translated as Arabic grammar or Arabic syntax – is a set of principles through which the roles of nouns and verbs are distinguished by assigning them specific endings. This process is called grammatical inflection / declension / إعراب. Lets learn Online Quran With Us.

We are offering the best Arabic Grammar Course Online. The  Arabic grammar is centered around this single topic; grammatical inflection. Anything studied in the language is studied only because it relates to this issue. It is a feat of staggering genius on the part of medieval grammarians that almost all aspects of the language are covered just by concentrating on the issue of grammatical inflection. We start with this topic, and it branches out to cover the entire language.

Do you want to speak and understand Arabic language?

The course aims at providing learners with the basic knowledge of Arabic grammar, enabling the students to take their first step towards understanding Arabic. The course also teaches the learners how to frame non-verbal sentences.

This Basic Arabic Grammar course enables you to learn the Arabic language in order to understand the Quran properly. The Quran was revealed in Arabic language so one can have a better understanding of Holy Quran by learning Arabic Grammar. Arabic vocabulary will range from classical and Quran Arabic words and expressions current in modern Arabic.

“Javeria Quran Academy“ is an online center for the entire family to learn Arabic grammar.

They teach you how to speak and understand Arabic Language. All teachers in the institute are proficient in English so they are able to communicate easily with students from across the world.

The instructors are highly qualified and native Arabic speakers.

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